boxing-match3-2012So you want to be a winner?  What does it really take to be a winner?  The first thing is TALENT.  When we normally think of talent we only think in terms of the sports arena.  But, talented people are everywhere.  Talent is giftedness in a certain thing or area.  I believe that we are all talentedYou just need to find out that thing that you are talented at.

Talent can do 2 things for you.  It can get you noticed and it can open doors for you.  But, talent can also be a hindrance to your success.  That’s another story for another day! Talent alone will not make you a winner.

Your talent must be coupled with HEART to make you the winner that you’re supposed to be.  Heart is that place where courage comes from.  It’s that place where energy, enthusiasm, passion, and desire come from.  Talent can only get you so far.  But, long after talent has been drained, the heart can complete the task.  Heart tells you never give up, don’t quit, you can make it, or keep on going.  Heart can withstand pressure, criticism, doubt, and antagonism.  Without heart you don’t have what it takes to win in life.

If you’ve been wondering why you just can’t seem to win; then check your heart.  I believe that you have what it takes to win.  THE QUESTION IS…DO YOU BELIEVE IT?

That’s a FRANK Thought!!!

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