Frank Simmons, Jr. is a nationally known speaker, trainer, coach, mentor, author, and motivator. He is a native of Savannah, Georgia and has been married to his wife, Angela for 33 years. They have 4 children and 2 Grandchildren. Frank has traveled extensively throughout the United States speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds and leaving a trail of people motivated and inspired to achieve their goals in school, business, and life.

Frank is a United States Navy Veteran with 8 years of military training, experience, and service. He also attended Morehouse College, Savannah State University, and is a graduate of The Ohio Media School for Radio and Television Broadcasting. Frank is an Ordained Minister and Church Planter.  Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work with and in various ministries across the country in many different capacities. Frank served as the Executive Director of The Old Savannah city Mission providing assistance and counseling to men recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

Frank worked for Monster Worldwide as a Speaker, Trainer, Content Contributor, and Area Manager for Monster’s Making it Count Programs.  He assisted in the development of national speaker trainings, coached and trained speakers, and worked as a speaker speaking to high school and college students, parents and staff as well as speaking for organizations such as Bank of America and the Equal Employment Opportunity Council and others. During that time of 9 years, Frank spoke to nearly 1million participants in 50 states.  He has also been a National Trainer for Moovin 4ward Presentations, Rachel’s Challenge, and Time To Teach.

In 2004, I created a motivational and inspirational comedic character called Pastor Frank and pitched a television sitcom to BET based on that character in 2013. He and his wife are also singers and songwriters with 2 CD’s. They have hosted their own television show and radio show and performed for several organizations.

Frank is the Chief Inspirational Officer for Frankly Speaking Seminars where he works with his wife to provide workshops, seminars, coaching, training, and keynotes for individuals and organizations. He is a graduate of The Ohio Media School graduating at the top of his class with a 4.0 GPA.  He is also a Voice Over Talent for Heyman Talent Agency. Frank is the author and co-author of 6 books – The Man of Destiny, Unleash the Greatness Within You, Pursue IT with All You’ve Got, My Vision, My Plan, My Now, My Now for the College Graduate, and My Now for the Future Man.

“Frank Simmons is one of the premier speakers of the 21st century. Frank’s delivers a relevant, high-impact message blended with levity and humor provoking thought and inspiring action in his audiences.” – Brooks Harper, President at Brooks Harper Speaks