“I have had the pleasure of experiencing a presentation hosted by Frank on a number of occasions. Whether he is speaking to a room full of students, adults or co-workers, Frank never fails to have his audience on the edge of their seats with excitement for the material and a motivation to achieve great things. It’s even more incredible to see how he brings this same positive attitude in and out of the workplace every day. In addition to being a one-of-a-kind speaker, Frank’s unique approach to his profession greatly improves the morale of everyone he works with.”

Aaron Helfferich
Interactive Web designer

“Frank Simmons in a word is…”Frank-tastic”. He is an exceptional coach/trainer/mentor and has trained many national speakers on effective communication, professional delivery and many other aspects of professional speaking. I had the privilege of seeing Frank speak as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and a trainer. Each time I was in awe of his presence and ability to relate and connect with the audience. I would HIGHLY recommend Frank Simmons of Frankly Speaking Seminars to conduct workshops, train corporate clients and/or present Keynote Speeches.”

SaRatta Murphy, Owner / Designer / Creator at Expressions Bracelets

“Frank is a powerful speaker that combines compassion and humor to reach his audiences. I had the pleasure of working with him during my time as a speaker for Monster where he helped me find my style and deliver with confidence. Because of his coaching and mentoring, I have strengthened my craft and continue speaking throughout the community.”

Candace Doby, Marketing Strategist

“Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative “Frank is a very dynamic trainer and speaker. He has the ability to connect with audiences keep them engaged with his style and wit and humor. He is a great trainer. He is patient and caring , but like a coach pushes people to become the best and won’t let them settle on anything less. I would highly recommend Frank as keynote, trainer or speaker coach.”

Mark Wiggins
Moovin4ward Presentations

“Supremely talented! Captivating! These words attempt to capture the essence of Frank Simmons – but still don’t do him justice. Frank is without a doubt one of the most talented, creative and inspiring professionals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from. He is blessed with many gifts which he skillfully uses to teach, inspire, motivate and entertain while maintaining professionalism and integrity. I look forward to working again with Frank Simmons.”

Danese Addessi

“Frank Simmons is one of the premier speakers of the 21st century. Frank’s delivers a relevant, high-impact message blended with levity and humor provoking thought and inspiring action in his audiences.”

Brooks Harper
President, Brooks Harper Speaks

“Frank that was unbelievable! You are the ultimate 1 man show I would pay to see you again and whatever you charged wouldn’t be enough.”

Kendall Clark
Actor, Model, Speaker

“Frank Simmons is one of the most powerful and inspiring speakers I have ever worked with. He is not only intelligent and appropriately selective in his choice of wording, but creative and dynamically funny in his delivery. He has the ability to touch hearts and change lives with real-world perspectives and compassionate connections. I would highly recommend Frank Simmons for any motivational and professional speaking engagement for all-aged audiences.”

Lisa Panarello
Founder & CEO, Careers Advance

Frank Simmons ROCKED! He was energetic, funny, captivating, engaging, real, enthusiastic-a phenomenal speaker!

Eric Hennes
Orientation Coordinator- University of Central Florida

“Frank is an amazingly funny and gifted speaker. He inspires through great humor and joy. I could listen to his presentations over and over again, he is a true entertainer.”

Sara Taney Humphreys
Author, Paranormal Romance

“Frank is a tremendous talent. He’s bright, energetic and a very gifted speaker. He has a unique ability to connect with his audience and is a tremendous motivator. I would highly recommend Frank as a speaker or seminar leader for any audience.”

Patrick O’Brien
Co-Founder / CEO, Making It Count, Co-Founder at Executor.org

“Anyone who has an experience with Frank has an EXPERIENCE! He is the epitome of inspiration. I can recall countless times when I sat mesmerized by his words of encouragement (on and off stage). He genuinely loves human beings and desires to see them fulfill the purposes they have been placed on earth to fulfill.”

Michael Dorsey
CEO & Founder at Michaeldorseyinternational & contestant on The Biggest Loser

“Frank is a natural leader with impeccable communication skills. He has an ability to relate personally with individuals of highly diverse backgrounds. Place Frank Simmons in front of a group, large or small, and his gifted approach makes each person in the room feel personally connected to him. Frank also has a greater vision to see the purpose beyond the cause and empower others toward that greater purpose. There are very few communicators with the leadership skills and natural enthusiasm of Frank Simmons.”

David Clapp
President, suck it up inc.

“Frank Simmons is a master of taking on multiple roles and succeeding at them all. Frank was responsible for providing training workshops for a national educational speaking force. He was also responsible for motivating speakers to see the big picture, prioritize, and work hard. He tackled the challenge using humor, sensitivity, and no-nonsense when necessary. I highly endorse Frank Simmons.”

Desh Bagley
CEO, TechPlayzone, Inc.

“Frank is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever witnessed. He has a combination of witty humor and professionalism that is captivating. There is no question in my mind that Frank has the ability to bring value to any program as a speaker/trainer.”

Tracy Early

“Frank has the amazing ability to successfully complete a task professionally, efficiently, innovatively, and yet still manage to have fun and teach vital lessons to those around him. He wrote the book on team playing and investing time and energy in those with whom he works and challenges colleagues to give their best at all times. On a daily basis, he exercises the wisdom gained from years of experience and is not just an asset but essential for the success of wherever he contributes.”

Michelle Ayala-Rivera

“Frank is a powerful speaker with a wonderfully diverse skill set. He is equally adept at entertaining and inspiring his audiences with his undeniable command of the spoken word. One cannot help but be changed for the better upon hearing Frank speak.”

Brian McClellan
Program Participant

“What can’t be said about how talented Frank Simmons is as a communicator. I believe he has the ability to articulate even the most complicated concepts in a way that brings about instant clarity and revelation. I have been continually impressed by his ability to entertain while, at the same time, educating his audiences. Standing ovations are a testament to just how fun, creative and insightful his presentation style is. I recommend this seasoned professional to anyone who wants to leave them wanting more.”

John Girton
Owner, JohnGirton.me

“Frank is perhaps the most skilled speaker I know. His injection of humor and raw skill as a speaker, captivates any audience regardless of setting. If you’re looking for a great trainer or speaker, and need to motivate and inspire employees at the same time, Frank Simmons is your guy!”

Keith Arachikavitz
CEO/President, IMPACT Training & Development

“Frank has raised the bar for presentation trainers everywhere. His professionalism, mixed with his approachability, make him an invaluable addition to any situation where a message needs to be delivered accurately, completely, and with conviction. Frank gets my highest recommendation!”

Scott Cooksey
Director of Marketing at Clock Spring Company L.P

Frank brings a calmness, yet control to a room and audience. As I watched Frank operate with his gift of speaking and training, I gathered the overall notion and lessons of being patient with what is being presenting. Allow time for thoughts to grab the audience, yet control tempo, tone, and space with your movements as well as voice adjustments. Finally, I learned the effect of natural comedy that is more of an improvised style to fit the audience and the power thereof.I became a better speaker by watching and learning from a better speaker….Frankly Speaking!

Tim Westley, Senior Pastor

“When I was first starting out my speaking career, I knew I had talent but I also was smart enough to know there was a lot more I needed to know to become a professional at it. Frank worked with me and taught my some killer techniques and strategies to truly engage an audience and keep their attention. I’ve spoken professionally to over 500 schools in 43 states and 4 countries and use the techniques I learned from Frank in EVERY presentation. His “emotional rollar coaster” technique alone is worth your entire investment with him.”

Arel Moodie, Founder & CEO at Arel Moodie’s College Success Program

“Frankly speaking, without the extraordinary mentoring, coaching and training that I received from Frank Simmons in the fundamentals of “The Art of Public Speaking” I would not have been fully prepared and equipped to take on the challenge of seeking federal elected office.  I highly recommend that anyone who is or wishes to be involved in any level of public speaking to see Frank Simmons first”.

Wayne Winsley, Candidate for U.S. Congress

“Frank is the type of coach and mentor that every speaker should have. He has this innate ability to motivate you to do better even when you feel you are at your best! Thanks Frank for seeing my potential and pushing me far beyond my own personal limits”!

Dr. A’Yanna Webster, Principal & Owner Winning Within & Associates,LLC

“Frank Simmons Jr. was a great coach and teacher during the Making It Count learning process. Always upbeat and positive, Frank was able to make the task of memorization and delivery not only less intimidating, but truly dynamic and fun! I’d recommend Frank as a teacher, coach and public speaker anytime, anywhere!”

Galadriel S., National Spokesperson, Universal Studios Hollywood

“There is no one better equipped to train you as a professional speaker than Frank Simmons. His intelligence, humor and professionalism are the sure combination to guide you from being an Ok speaker to being a spectacular speaker. I could not recommend him more.”
Duffy Hudson, Actor, Filmmaker

“Frank Simmons is an awesome trainer.  His “tell it like it is approach”
brings out the best in every speaker. I was fortunate enough to sit in a
training room with him on many ocassions and I believe I am a better
speaker for having that experience.”

Angela Ray, Actress, Author, Speaker

“Frank Simmons’ ability to bring out the best in a speaker is truly dynamic. He has that unique talent that allows him to encourage his students while providing corrections. Any speaker who has worked with Frank has only gotten better! I wouldn’t be the speaker I am today without Frank’s guidance and encouragement. If you have the opportunity to study with Frank Simmons- do it! You won’t regret it!!

DeeDee Cooper, Domestic Violence Prevention Speaker and Author, “Have You Been Hit by Love?”    www.deedeecooper.com

“When I think about Frank Simmons the words relevant, uplifting, and persistent comes to mind. I was privileged to be trained one on one by Frank and it was a memorable experience  Not only did I become more confident with my voice and style as a speaker, but Franks passion to help people be the best they can be, ignited my passion to do the same. I would highly recommend Frank Simmons to anyone who is seeking to develop their speaking skills, find their voice as a speaker, and feel confidence in the gift of empowering others!

Give Frank an audience with rocks, and the rocks will come out speaking. That’s how powerful Frank is, as a mentor, trainer, speaker, and human being.”

Eliana Reyes, Inspirational Speaker and Owner of Made To Live, LLC

“I have had the pleasure to see Frank in action as a public speaking coach and trainer. He is an exceptional.  I have watched Frank work with several hundred motivational speakers across the country over the years. He has the natural ability to bring any speaker to a higher level of speaking. I have been a motivational speaker and trainer for over 18 years and on numerous occasions I have found myself learning from him as a trainer.”

Shawn Kane, Owner/Consultant/Investigator at Kane Consulting Inc.

“Frank Simmons is dynamic, energetic and funny!  I can’t wait to hear him speak again!”

Linda Kester, President, The Institute for Personal Development, Inc.